22 Feb
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The truth about genuine parts and dealership servicing

The AAAA (Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association) believes that free and open competition is the best way to ensure that all car owners have access to affordable, high quality repairs and parts. They advocate that consumers have to choice of their repairer without being unfairly influenced.

It is a commonly used marketing tool by vehicle manufacturers and their dealerships to give the impression that their branded parts are in some way superior to ‘non’ genuine spare parts. This can lead to unfounded fear and apprehension for our customers.

It is important to remember that most car manufactures do not make car parts themselves but are almost always made by a third party company and put in a box with the manufactures brand on it.

Our customers can rest assured that their new car warranty is in safe hands with us. Our qualified technicians fit quality aftermarket parts and therefor preserves your right to any new car warranty offered by the manufacturer.
Snow Country Autos believe in protecting consumer choice and we have officially registered our support with the Choice or Repairer initiative.

So whatever your make and model, let us look after your new car, preserving your warranty and carrying out a full log book service with quality aftermarket parts and experienced technicians that boast a wealth of experience and use the most up to date diagnostic equipment available.

To read the full report, please see the link below or contact our workshop to discuss your new car warranty and logbook servicing needs 64562170.