Tyres & Wheel Alignments

Tyres & Wheel Alignments Jindabyne

Our brands include Kumho, Bridgestone, Federal, Mastercraft, Continental, GT radial, Toyo and of course the legendary Mickey Thompson.


The most common cause of incorrect wheel alignments is worn parts or movement in the suspension components, impact with an object or incorrect load carrying. Symptoms of incorrect wheel alignments include the vehicle pulling to one side, vibrations or shudders and tyres wearing unevenly. Wheel alignments can deteriorate over time and we recommend them checked regularly.

We can easily check and correct your wheel alignment using our quality balancing and wheel aligning equipment. We offer complimentary rotate and balance and wheel alignment checks with every service, making Snow Country Autos a complete Tyre & Wheel alignment Centre.


Our vehicle side slip metre is an electronic tyre wear check that not only adds to your cars safety but can save you money. Our side slip metre tests your wheel alignment on both front and rear axles and the actual drag from your tyres on the road surface. Having your wheels correctly aligned ensures you have the right amount of ‘rubber on the road’ there for reducing the wear and tear on your tyres which means you don’t have to replace them as often. Correct alignment also means better fuel consumption.

The side slip meter is an added check that goes beyond a visual inspection and road test to scientifically test the wheel alignment of your vehicle. Every service at Snow Country Autos includes a FREE rotate & Balance and Side Slip Wheel Alignment Test. Trust your vehicle with experienced technicians and the most up to date, accurate & credible diagnostic equipment for your peace of mind.