Diagnostics Centre

Diagnostics Centre

Snow Country Autos pride itself on being an industry leader in the latest automotive technology and innovations. We have the most up to date and advanced diagnostic equipment available including a Fuel system analyser, Shock absorber tester, Vehicle Side Slip Meter, gas analyser, Common rail diesel injector seat cutting equipment, broken glow plug extractor tools, 5 different scan tools and a 4 channel lab scope to name just a few.

Our Diagnostics Centre incorporates the best technologies, the best equipment and backed by the best technical data and knowledge that money can buy. This is the workshop of the future and puts your vehicle in safe hands.

Our technicians regularly attend advanced training and in-house workshops so as they can keep up to date with the most modern and complex vehicle.

Anyone can buy a scan tool and pretend to understand diagnostic processes but, without knowledge, the tool will be a useless piece of expensive equipment and the motorist will soon figure that out.

Data and information are the most valuable spare part in our workshop and we have invested thousands of dollars to ensure we have the technical support to look after you and your vehicle. Everyday workshop servicing and repairs that once were once carried out instinctively, these days cannot be attempted without qualified data.

  • SERVICE – Service schedules, illustrations, indicator reset procedures, service light resets, brake pads replacement procedures, timing belt procedures and diagrams, air conditioning information.
  • BODY & INTERIOR – Airbag systems and key programming.
  • CHASSIS – Antilock brake systems, wheel alignment, tyre pressures, electric parking brake.
  • POWERTRAIN – Engine management, Camshaft drive systems, auxiliary drive belts and clutches.
  • GENERAL – Technical specifications, repair times, known fixes and bulletins, VIN plate locations, warning lights and symbols.
  • ELECTRICAL – Battery disconnections and reconnection procedures, coloured wiring diagrams, diagnostic trouble codes and electrical component locations.

Our Fuel System Analyser is the only tool that allows total diagnostics of an engines fuel delivery system and exhaust system. It can be used on carburetted vehicles as well as engines that have electronic fuel injection.

Our Shock Absorber Tester can test the shocks on any and every vehicle that comes into our workshop. Each shock is tested and the results are downloaded to our diagnostic PC. The PC software displays a detailed trend graph of full shock motion and rebound. A colour Pass/Fail status is clearly displayed and can be then printed out.


Using a 5 gas exhaust analyser the engine analyser accurately measures engine efficiency as well as exhaust emissions including air /fuel ratio, oxygen, hydrocarbons and lambda.


Specifically designed for use on automotive electronic and ignition systems, our digital storage oscilloscope measures ignition timing, vacuum, alternator, fuel injectors and lab scope.


Our vehicle side slip metre is an electronic tyre wear check that not only adds to your cars safety but can save you money. Our side slip metre tests your wheel alignment on both front and rear axles and the actual drag from your tyres on the road surface. Having your wheels correctly aligned ensures you have the right amount of ‘rubber on the road’ there for reducing the wear and tear on your tyres which means you don’t have to replace them as often. Correct alignment also means better fuel consumption.

The side slip meter is an added check that goes beyond a visual inspection and road test to scientifically test the wheel alignment of your vehicle. Every service at Snow Country Autos includes a FREE rotate & Balance and Side Slip Wheel Alignment Test. Trust your vehicle with experienced technicians and the most up to date, accurate & credible diagnostic equipment for your peace of mind.


Snow Country Autos have again increased its diagnostics equipment with another new scan tool. This new scan tool increases the range of makes and models our technicians can talk to and receive data from. It also keeps us ahead of the ever changing vehicle technology.

Our Diagnostics Centre incorporates the best technologies, the best equipment and backed by the best technical data and knowledge that money can buy. This is the workshop of the future and puts your vehicle in safe hands.