Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Snow Country Autos are your vehicle air conditioning specialists. We are licensed with years of experience and we are also members of the Vehicle Air Conditioning, electrical and cooling technicians of Australasia (VASA).

We offer complete air conditioning servicing, repairs and regasing. We supply, fit and repairs all air-conditioning components including compressors, condensers, receiver driers and TX valves for a wide range of makes and models.

Only trained and licensed automotive technicians can purchase, handle and sell the refrigerant gas used in your vehicles air conditioner as it is a restricted substance according to new legislation. Snow Country Autos have all the necessary licenses, technical expertise and equipment to look after your air conditioning system and handle restricted refrigerants. We can quickly and efficiently diagnose faulty or leaking air conditioning systems using a leak detector that not only gets your air conditioning repaired but also protect the environment.

Any time we service or regas any part of the air conditioning system we replace the receiver dryer to prevent corrosion and moisture in the air-conditioning system. The job is done thoroughly the first time, every time. Trust the technicians at Snow Country Autos with your air conditioner and stay cool in summer without damaging the environment.

ARC Authorisation No: AU34206