Power Upgrades & Exhausts

Power Upgrades & Exhausts

TORQIT – Innovation in Performance

Torqit are the leaders in 4WD performance upgrades and include, power modules, pedal torques and performance exhausts.


Torqit Performance modules unleash the power, torque and efficiency that are lost through the factory programming of your vehicles onboard computer.

Dependent upon the module you choose, Torqit Performance Modules will increase your engines power, torque and fuel efficiency by adjusting the fueling of your engine through changes to either the fuel pressure of the injections pulse length. There improvements are especially noticeable when towing heavy loads.

Torqit Performance Modules suit a wide range of diesel vehicles not only within the automotive industry but also within Agricultural, Transport, Commercial and Marine Industries. Every torqit Performance Module is specifically programmed for your model, make and engine type, installation is seamless and fast as the module is simply plugged into existing factory componentry.

Bundling the torqit Performance Module with other Torqit products such as the Torqit Performance Exhaust and pedal torq is an excellent way to maximise the power torque and fuel efficiency improvements the modules provide.

  1. Supported by a 30 day money back guarantee and 3 year manufactures warranty
  2. Peace of mind provided by way of a new vehicle and driveline warranty
  3. Increases vehicle power and torque by up to 35%
  4. Extensive product range to suit a majority of diesel vehicles
  5. Untraceable once removed – no imprint on the ECU
  6. Simple and quick to install


Every torqit Performance Exhaust system is manufactured to the highest standard and guaranteed to deliver tuned performance enhancement for your 4WD vehicle. Meticulous detail goes into the design of every system and our fundamental motivation is simple – to provide you maximum increased in power and torque, further enriching your driving experience.

  • 2 year warranty on aluminised steel exhaust systems
  • 5 year warranty on stainless steel exhaust systems
  • Available in high grade polished stainless steel and aluminised steel
  • Designed in Australia and thoroughly tested to comply with the highest quality requirements
  • Compatible with most aftermarket products available through major 4×4 outlets
  • 100% mandrel bent tubing for maximum flow


It’s a known fact that most cars suffer throttle lag, particularly newer cars with drive-by-wire systems that inefficiently control the signal from the cars throttle to the ECU. Pedal torq eliminates throttle lag by taking the signal from the pedal, adjusting it to an efficient signal setting and sending it on to the cars ECU

  • Increased, precise throttle response equates to more power… faster
  • Eliminate throttle response delays
  • Maintains power throughout the entire gear change cycle
  • Smoother overtaking in all gears
  • Plug-n-play module… simple and quick to install
  • Three driving modes with six levels of customisation, that’s 18 settings in all.