Auto Electrical

Auto Electrical

Few people would argue that modern motor vehicles rely heavily upon increasingly complex electronic management systems for their operation and communication. Everything from ignition, fuel delivery and mixtures, emissions control through to windscreen wipers and lighting can be monitored and controlled by computers. The performance and emissions that today’s engines deliver would be impossible without these electronics, such as the modern V8 engine that delivers outstanding performance, excellent fuel economy and little to no pollution is all made possible my the vehicle’s electronic systems. But all this technical advancements and sophistication means complex systems that only the trained, skilled and experienced automotive technicians armed with the most advanced diagnostic equipment will be able to diagnose and repair faults, quickly and accurately.

Our team at Snow Country Autos have one of the only licensed and accredited Auto Electricians in the area. Boasting a knowledge base that only experience can bring in Auto electrics and diagnostics. Not only do we offer professional and fully licensed auto electrics and repairs, Snow Country Autos offers full mechanical servicing and repairs, to complete all automotive services under one roof.

Don’t waste time with quick fixes. Thanks to our investment in the ongoing training of our technicians and quality up to date diagnostic equipment, you can be confident that our team of experts can carry out all your auto electrical, wiring, lighting, faults, engine lights and poor performance professionally, efficiently and permanently each and every time.


See us for all your auto electrical accessories including reversing sensors and cameras, 4WD accessories, Batteries, Dual battery systems, Driving lights, Light bars, LED lights, work lights, spot lights, Starting and charging systems.