Logbook Servicing

Logbook Servicing

Many motorists think they need to go back to the dealerships for their logbook services so as not to void their warranty. This is not true.

You can take your vehicle to any independent workshop that is professionally registered to have your logbook service carried out.

Snow Country Autos is equipped, experienced and authorised to carry out your new car manufactures recommended logbook service on all types of makes and models. All while keeping your new vehicle warranty completely intact.

We follow the manufactures service schedule and recommendations and we ensure we do not service any component unnecessarily. We use trusted automotive technical data software and use high quality, fully warranted parts and oils when carrying out your scheduled service.

Our technical auto library covers over 17000 model variants and provides extensive, accurate data for your specific vehicle including your vehicle specifications, full servicing schedules, timing belts, service light resets, trouble codes, common faults and diagrams.
This means that you can rest easy and trust that the team servicing your vehicle has all the technical information, equipment, knowledge and experience to keep your vehicle operating safely and efficiently just as the manufacturer intended it to be.